AI-powered driver safety system.

The only AI technology impacting driver behavior in real-time.

Nauto is an intelligent driver safety system that helps commercial fleets and drivers prevent collisions before they occur. The system’s multi-sensor device contains bidirectional cameras and embedded computer vision to detect risky driving events — including distracted driving — in real-time, while giving safety, operations, and fleet management leaders unparalleled visibility and insights into the safety performance of each vehicle and driver.

Preventing Collisions start with the driver

Anticipate events before they happen to prevent incidents, minimize repair & Maintenance Cost and Reduce Claims

Know what happens, when it happens

Minimize your injury, liability and processing costs with AI- powered real-time detection and reporting

Coach more effectively and efficiently

In-Vehicle Alerts coach your entire fleet in real time

Engage Your Fleet of Drivers

Drive adoption with features designed to help protect driver privacy and provide transparency between managers and drivers

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